Nayra Alonso is widely respected as the best chick when it comes to hitting lips. Here is some of her finest work shot at her local beach over the summer.


If you liked the look of her sails then check out the new downloadable Severne brouchure. Click here for the Revolution Magazine.

Over in Dungervan, Ireland, the speed World Cup is underway. Unfortunately they are lacking a result so far, but Bjorn Dunkerbeck still managed the best speed of 33 kts. Follow the action at

If you want to know more about Bjorn check out his interview on Continent 7. You can read about Bjorn and "new on Starboard" Steve Allen.

Somewhere that wont be lacking wind is Gran Canaria. Both Dario and Alessio are reporting of the storm on the horizon.

Lastly for a laugh, check out Scroll half way down this page and read the comment about the sperm and then watch the video. Genuis.

Photo Credit: jc/pwa