Continuing in our daily specials, today is video special.

First up is freestyle PWA Rookie, Steven Van Broekhoven of the year ripping it up last winter. The guy is ripping and its no wonder he went on to finish 1st EFPT and 5th PWA.

Some more freestyle, this time from Team Brazil. High energy Jeri action from the local crew.

Well its not a video, but whilst we are on the subject of freestyle check out the interview with the top Greek sailors Stam Promponas and Alex Tetsis about life on the EFPT tour.

Back to videos and we have some head cam action from another Steven. This time its Steven Gibson, of Gibson\'s restaurant Fuerteventura. Check out his video and if you like what he does, why not book yourself in for a lesson or 2. More info here.

Some quality wavesailing from Ile d\'Oleron on the west coast of France.

UK sailor Adam Simm\'s has just got out to Jeri. Check out his new video camera footage.

Lastly we think we have seen it before but have another look at the Fanatic ATR 5 DVD teaser. It doesn\'t get much better than this! If you like what you see they have tons of new video on their website. Check the team page here

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