We can still keep reporting from the Canary Islands as Jonas Ceballos has just put together some footage from the epic sailing of last week.


Ezzy team members Graham Ezzy and Jessy Brown in action at Hookipa during another epic week they had over there too.

The time is out and finally Leo Ray is the winner of the Riders-match.com video contest. See all the results here.

Fanatic welcomes Mattia Fabrizi on the team, a new young freestyle talent from Italy.

Another Fanatic rider and freestyle princess Yoli de Brendt received the Medal of Honor from Venezuela award.

The sequence of the best wipe out during the Reunion Wave Classic, performed by Mussolini, here.

A bit of an older post now, but Francisco Porcella gave his report about his sailing sessions in Hookipa. He is one of the guys to check out when Hookipa is good, so sure you will enjoy the pictures on the Simmer Sails site.

Stay tuned, a pretty good video coming up tomorrow.

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