Kevin Pritchard is not content with his multiple World Championships. Now he is quickly becoming a force in the photography world already getting numerous pics published. Now it seems he is turning his attention to video. This beauty is all shot using his still camera… Watch out Poor Boyz, you have some competition. Check out more at


Poor Boyz are the makers of the Windsurfing Movie and are currently shooting for the upcoming Windsurfing Movie 2. Skyeboy reports of a big swell in Maui and his attempts to gate crash the movie!

Another movie hit was Four Dimensions, and here they interview the key players for some extra info about the filming.

Want to know how to get the perfect slalom start. Well check out the PWA site to hear tips from the worlds best. Vandal have added some extra pages to their site. You can now check out their masts, booms and more importantly where to buy it all.

Lastly, not really related to windsurfing, but check out these great pics from Tam Mullen. Tam is the younger of the Mullen brothers, produced Greenie and now looks like he is becoming a pro photographer.

Photo Credit: Tam Mullen