Winds were light, but enough for riders to get out on a mixture of kite sizes varying from 12m\'s all the way up to 19m\'s. Kite loops, handle passes and big airs were going off in all directions!

Shock story was for the first time in what feels like forever the mighty Mr Martyn Hogg was beaten by the latest addition to the Naish team Sam Light!

Results are as follows:

1st Mens Pro - Sam Light (Naish)

1st Womens Pro - Johara (Turbulence Angel)

1st Mens Am - sorry - name pending!

1st Womens Ams - Annalisa Dovey

1st Junior - Reece (surname escapes me sorry)

Best Wipeout - Sam Light

One day of wind and one without allowed everyone some energy to enjoy a chilled out party in the local pub in porth cawl afterwards!

Photos kindly supplied by Ian Edmondson

Photo Credit: Ian Edmondson