Today we have Florian Jung in action from SA (although he is already in Chile).


Also in Chile are Fanatic/North team mates Victor Fernandez and Brawzinho, who are scoring some good conditions.

The freestyle PWA sailors make the new moves look too easy. But it is good to know that even for them, there are some tricky ones.

It is not very often that we can see a Formula video. So here you can see some testing from the Loft R&D team.

The big swell has already started to hit Hawaii. There is no windsurfing action, but still it is worth to have a look at the pictures and video from Jaws on mauisurfreport.

The Pros get to where they are by being super determined and sometimes too hard on them selves. If you dont believe it, read the post from Kevin Pritchard about his day at Jaws. Any normal mortals would have been stoked that they were brave enough to just go out there.

There is no doubt about it. We keep seeing more and more girls on the water everyday and more and more start sailing. It is now Olya Raskina and friend Sveta Martynova who had a great succes with their women special clinic “Windsurfing Beauties". (Google translated)

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