Todays video is a beautifully put together film, HeartBeat, from Max Matissek and Matthias “Motz" Zimmerman. Filmed mainly in Mauritus, the boys clearly had a fun trip.


UK ripper Graham Woods has just announced he is on Quatro boards and Goya sails. He used his brand new gear to great effect in the BWA Cornwall event and is clearly hot property in the UK right now.

NeilPryde have a great deal going on for Christmas. To celebrate 40 years, they are offering a complete rig to whoever has the oldest and best looking NeilPryde sail. Time to clear out the garage. Check it out here.

More Dahab freestyle action, this time from Szymon Sciegosz.

We love the Culo. Check out this one from Joao Henrique.

John Skye caught the last of the strong winds in the UK.

Some good news about Baptiste. He suffered a nasty wipe out, but is now showing good signs of recovery. Lets wish him a speedy recovery.

UKWA sailor of the year winner Sam Sills has a new website online at

Lastly its a bit off topic again, but those into surfing make sure you check out the LIVE Pipeline Masters. Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson are fighting for the world title. Exciting stuff, but remember they are 10 hours behind, so its night time viewing. Check it here.

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