Todays video is courtesy of Rebel TV with a nice report on the EFPT from Naxo\'s.


Umipictures features Thomas Traversa, in their "whatcha ridden" series. He shows off his quad.

Kevin Pritchard seems to really be getting into the photography now. Some great looking pics here.

Eleazare Alonso posts some of his pics too. This time he is doing the sailing though. Not sure about the background music though!

Whilst Ben Proffitt has found a nice no-wind alternative. Check out his XXX night out. *Parental Discretion Advised. May contain images of nutity*

New Pro Kids Freestyle European Tour. Imagine the level in the future now!!

Some more info on the new HD GoPro. Check it out.

Lastly is it finally getting a bit chilly for you. Why not head off to one of the Fanatic Board Centers clinics. More info here.

Photo Credit: Jonas Roose