Todays movie features the Oxbow team ripping up the waves in Tahiti. Kai Lenny, Polakow and Levi, together with their fellow watermen. Is Kai the next Laird or the next Robby Naish? Only time will tell.


More sponsor changes. John Skye joins RRD sails. He will be using their boards, sails, mast, booms, in fact everything, even SUP\'s. Check his blog for more info.

Another rumour that is yet to be confirmed is that the Morenos might be getting some new boards. Having recently signed to Severne, the board partner Starboard is top of the list at the bookies.

Team Fanatic have had some scored some amazing conditions in South Africa. Victor, Brawzinho, Klass and boss man Craig Gertenbach caught Haagkat at its best. Check out the Windmag photos.

Phil Horrocks also scored the same session. He has an aerial pic that really shows he his balls.

Meanwhile poor Ben Proffitt was watching from the beach. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Lastly more big wave action. This time from Kauli at Jaws. No photos yet but apparently he was getting towed in with his windsurf gear by daredevil frenchmen Roberto Tertihau. We look forward to checking out the pics.

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