We found this video showing the good conditions they get down in NZ, in Pungarehu, Taranaki.

There is some controversy between the PWA and the Wave Classic Tour. Basically the PWA will not allow top sailors to enter their events if they also go to the WCT. Some outsiders are accusing the PWA of not letting the riders go, but the reality is that this is the only way to protect their rights in terms of prize money competitions. We know that the top sailors involved have been discussing the issue and agreed that they need prize money in all the events and that going to events “for free" is not good for the professional side of the sport in the long term because it will affect the events that actually are putting the money there for them. The general opinion among them seems to be that it is really fun to do one or even two WCT events, but that it is not good for them to go to events with no prize money (if you want, you can read the translated version of the WJ opinion on this on their news). However with only 3 confirmed events on the PWA calendar, its easy to see why some wavesailors are looking for more!
On U-ride.net we can find the news about Francisco Porcella joining the new Italian board brand 99 Custom Board.
The ISAF approves the Kona One Design Class.
Lastly some sad news from Ireland. Alan Harris, owner of SurfDock, has sadly passed away. A notice board will be set up shortly, but in the meantime you can send you condolences to condolences@surfdock.ie

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