We found two excellent videos, with epic conditions, and we couldn´t resist to show you both, so sit down, and enjoy some big wave action.

First we have Alex Mussolini and Dani Bruch sailing in the North shore of Tenerife, filmed by Umi Pictures.
Second, we have video action from the last Kona days in Maui, featuring mainly Kai Lenny but also Jason Polakow, Levi Siver and more.
Some more video action, this time not so epic, but shows the Moreno twins using their new equipment. It seems like they are more motivated now with their shiny new gear.
Last weekend they had the second European Cup event WWEC 2010 in Ventė, Lithuania. This time they had good conditions and they raced in two disciplines. Check out the full report here.
The 2010 Irish Slalom Series Calendar has been released. The following are the events which have been confirmed:

Event 1 March 27th /28th Newtownards, Co. Down Event 2 May 22nd/ 23rd Castlegregory, Co. Kerry Event 3 July 17th/ 18th Downings, Co. Donegal Event 4 August 14th/ 15th Garylucas, Co. Cork Event 5 Oct 23rd/24th/25th Roundstone, Co. Galway

For more information on the Irish Series, visit their website.

Photo Credit: Dani Bruch, by Umi pictures