A new and very special movie is coming out. C7 found this documentary about the island of Bonaire and their “wonder kids". It was filmed by Peter Robertson, who is one of the best camera operators in the movie industry. Have a look at the promotional preview and know more about the documentary here.

The Speed Sailing Hall of Fame Poll is open until February 28th. Check out the nominees here.
We already announce it last week, but in case you haven\'t looked properly at it, Tushingham releases information about their new 2010 sails and mast range on their brand new looking website. There are major changes on their sails range and the masts are the result of two years of development. Have look.
Francisco Porcella and Captain Kai Katchadourian are having a busy “el nino" winter. Take a look at the little summary they put up on the Simmer site.

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