Today, we have more action from Maui. This time featuring the “usual suspects" like Kevin Pritchard, Keith Teboul, Mark Angulo and Levi Siver.
The new OTC in the UK will finally open this spring in Weymouth. There you will find the latest freeride, freestyle and slalom equipment from all the major brands so you can try before you buy!. More.
The Calema Midwinters are just a month away (from the 4th until the 7th of March), and this year it will hold the Kona Class North American Championships, the Techno 293 class North American Championships and the qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games for North American competitors. More info here.
Loft Sails has been shooting their new sails in Tarifa. Have a look and some of the shots here.

Now that the weekend starts, if there is no wind, here you have other uses to your mast.

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