Thanks to C7 we found this video with new school freestylers like Kiri Thode, Davy Sheffers and Julien Mas training in Bonaire.
The 2010 Tushingham X-15 Wins National Slalom Championship on Competition Debut in New Zealand!
In the Canaries they had some great and strange conditions, and Adam Lewis reports about it on his blog with some good action pictures.
The third Winter Windsurfing European Cup event will take place in Hanko, in Finland, from the 12th until the 14th of February. So far they only had good conditions to compete on the second event in Lithuania, so the title is open. Know more about it on the official site of the Winter Windsurfing European Cup.
In the same line of Maui Ultra fins, now we have the new Gas Fins. (Google translated)
Antoine Albeau and Micah Buzianis just had the chance of test the first production JP Formula 100 boards. The feedback sounds pretty good, and Antoine says he will be spending a lot of time on it as he will be training for the upcoming Formula Worlds. Read their impressions here.
Have a look at what they received on the Neil Pryde SWAP YOUR PRYDE contest.

Photo Credit: Neil Pryde/J. Houyvet