More freestyle in todays video. This time from Bonaire with the trailer for the new "Island Boys" movie coming soon. It will be free to download, so we will let you know when its released.


The Master\'s of the Caribbean got off to a predictable start, with Antoine Albeau taking the first leg in a time of 1 hour 13 minutes. Check out the official site for more info.

The Fuerte wave classic still waits for wind, but you can follow the action on their official website.

Two pieces of news from Fanatic. Firstly that Marcillo Browne, the 2007 World Freestyle Champion, will be quitting freestyle for good this year. Having suffer an injured foot, he made the decision to focus on his main love, for wavesailing.

The second news from Fanatic comes from Victor and Klaas who are currently helping to sort out the mess in Chile. Read more about there experience here.

Steve Thorpe is always a busy man, scouring the national for the best conditions. Last week he caught a great speed session at the Ray, with a top speed of 47.4kts and impressively set a record on the GPS World ranking for the year. Nice work Thorpy!

Lastly a little extra bonus movie in the form of "Hookipa treat" Looks like Swifty is ripping out there. Check it out.

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