We woke up this morning to see fresh snow on the mountains just a few hundred meters up!

Ross Williams, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Arnon Dagan, Steve Allen, Pavel Helvaty and myself are living like the band of brothers in tents and vans and its freezing, but nice at the same time!

Not much wind either, we did a Surf marathon today which was about an hour long. 5 laps around the lake in really gusty conditions and 120 people was hard work but pretty fun! I came 13th which isnt too bad. Ross was top 3 but broke his harness line on the 3rd lap! Kieth Atkinson was also up there in 6th and Richard Jones won the Juniors.

Micah lead for most of the way, but then made a mistake going in too close to the cliff and Andrea Cuchi got past him to win with Wojtek Brozowski making a big comeback to finish 3rd.

I am hoping for slalom competition later in the week, but the thin air (because we are so high up) makes the wind a lot less powerful than it is at sea level! So we will have wait and see!

Anyway, I am going back to freeze in my tent and will give you another update later in the week!


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