Todays video comes from Caribbean paradise and a short clip from the recent Masters of the Caribbean event.


Lots of gear news today starting with Kauli talking about his new Quads. Check this out for more info.

Meanwhile on umi, Thomas talks about the new IQ. Its his new signature wave sail as Gaastra release their new short masted wavesail.

The Fuerte Wave Classic guys had another competition session at La Caleta. Not much news, but check out the official website for updates. Plus if you didn\'t check it out already, watch Alfie\'s film about the day 9 session.

The PWA congratulate Sara-Quita for her \'Athlete of the Year\' award. Check it out here.

Lastly a bit of SUP action. The Maui boys always seem to lead the way in watersports, so it this the future of the sport?

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