In Maui they had an unofficial jump off. Armed with a 3D GPS system that measures height as well as position they went BIG at Hookipa. Rumours are that Kauli had a huge double and a pushloop forward, whilst Boujma did an amazing black shot (crazy pete-forward). Check out some video from

Big news on the sponsorship front. Josh Angulo is no longer rider for Maui Sails. Announced on the Maui Sails blog, we wonder what his plans are now. Angulo Sails?

Video action today from Flo Jung, Graham Ezzy and Dany Bruch. They give an insight into what makes them tick. Watch Global Fellas.


Starboard are always at the forefront of design innovation. Early in the year they launched their strapless board, and now they release the no fin Concept.

Back to Maui and Leo Ray gives us his views on his first trip to Jaws. Check out the translated Wind Mag page.

Meanwhile in the canaries its been going off too. Eleazar Alonso gives us a video clip from Pozo.

Lastly make sure you check out the 2 new Boardseeker magazine articles, featuring 14 year old Matthew Gwynne and a sneak peak at the new Naish freeride boards.

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