Its a bit of a Maui special today. The video features action from the Fanatic/North photoshoot at Hookipa. Some amazing action on their new toys thanks to the great filming from


If that is not enough check out the pictures from MauiSurfReport. He picks the best shots from the day and adds his usual commentary tweaks. Check it out.

More from, adding to pics to his video footage.

And lastly Pritchardwindsurfing adds an artistic touch. Once again beautiful shots from KP.

Shooting back across the globe, we have an interview with Boujma about the upcoming Wave Classic Invitation. At his home spot he is sure to rule.

Ezzy Sails have a great looking new website. Check out their new line of sails together with some great videos.

Lastly Gun Sails team rider Martin Van GreenHoven has apparently been doing some extra XXX rated work on the site. We don\'t have too much information at the moment but check the WJ report.

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