We, as windsurfers, love the Oceans as our playgrounds. Mauiwindsurfing.net normally reports about the windsurfing action in Maui, but this time they share a little animated video to make us think a little about how we affect the health of our Oceans. Here it is:

In the upcoming PWA freestyle event in Austria, you will be able to not only hang out with the Freestyle pros but also to try out all the new equipment from all the major brands.
2009 PWA Slalom World Champion Valerie Ghibaudo, will not be taking part in the upcoming event in Korea, due to personal reasons and the late arrival of her new boards. (Google translated)
Mark Angulo´s Mutant, just got a little bit more complicated.
And we can tell you that our sources in Maui say that Brawzinho did a double air-taka during yesterday’s shoot. We will try to find some video or pictures of it.
The 2010 Slalom Texel Grand Prix will be held at Paal 17, Texel, in the Netherlands from June 14th to 19th 2010, and the NOR has been released, check it out here. More details about it here.
The Speed World Cup has some news about the next Speed event in Fuerteventura. This year they will have a flexible course and they will pick the best 250m every day depending on the conditions. Also, the timing will be done fully on GPS. If you want to know more, check the official site.
Last saturday the Butterfly Effect took place on Maui on its 4th edition, and although the conditions were pretty rough (6 feet faces), it was a huge success. Here is Tatiana´s report.
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