With no wind and no racing on the final day of the calema midwinters, Antoine Albeau sat back and took the win that he had earned himself over the previous 2 days.

Sailing for new sponsors Starboard, he took the win in convincing style with a 5,1,1,2,1 in the five completed races.

Polands Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard) took second place followed by Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (F2) from Argentina.

Britains Keith Atkinson had a steady event by his standards but still managed a creditable joint 6th overall.

1. Antione- 5 points 2. Wojtek- 7 points 3. Gonzo- 11 points 4. Devon- 13 points 5. Jimmy Diaz- 23 6. Phil Magain- 24 6. Wihelm Schurmann- 24 6. Keith Atkinson - 24 9. Seth Besse- 34 10. Arnon Dagan- 39

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