Taty wins the PWA single elimination final in Austria.

Podersodorf PWA World Cup finally scored some conditions and official competition has been underway all morning. Taty Frans took the win, beating Steven Van Broekhoven in the final, Kiri in the semis and Tonky in the quarters. Steven had a great day making his first ever final and finishing 2nd, beating World Champion Gollito in the Semis. In the losers final, Gollito narrowly took 3rd place from Kiri in a 3:2 decision.

Check out the event ticker to read the blow by blow account of the day, plus check out the heat board and the full results.

Nicely coinciding with his win is the announcement that Taty Frans is now using Maui Ultra fins. With Pozo winner Philip Koester, and now Taty Frans, it seems they have some winning fins. Dan Ellis is also using them, so expect good results in Korea!

Todays video comes from MauiWindsurfing.net and features some lost footage from the last year at Hookipa. Great moves by some of the legends of our sport.


umipictures reports about Graham Ezzy\'s first trip to Jaws. Seems mixing school with windsurfing is working well for him.

Continent 7 have a great GoPro video from Chris Powell after his recent trip to Moulay, Morocco. Check it out.

Tatiana Howard has been busy as usual travelling around Europe. Check out all her blog entries for some interesting snaps.

Lastly something a bit different. Mauisurfreport gives us a great video of Surf boat racing. If you think windsurfing has some nasty looking crashes, check out this!

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