It shouldn\'t really be headline news, but it\'s an imperfect world – and after a season like we\'ve had in the UK so far, we\'ve just got to say IT\'S WINDY!!! (And yes, today\'s headlines might therefore look a bit more rushed than usual!) Anyway, the Windsurf Britain crew have been dawn-&-dusking it in Dorset around their \'real\' jobs, Sam Darkin also scored a double-session day, while the West Country blogger Fisher Viking sure sounds pleased to see some real wind...

We\'re sure they\'re shedding no tears over it, but a lot of British talent will have missed it as they\'re out on the Canaries. Adam Sims is recovering from a high-speed air flaka crash on Fuerte, Sarah Bibby\'s looking for work on Gran Can, while Muzza\'s caught the ferry back to Tenerife (where, incidentally, our very own Clones have just rocked up for the forthcoming waveboard test.)

And let\'s keep it Canarian for today\'s movie, courtesy of Pozo local Eleazar Alonso ripping it up on his new 2011 Naish sails.


Last of it from Pozo for the moment, where Laure Treboux and the Moreno twins both report on the women\'s competition. It wasn\'t so bad after all, eh? Also check out our exclusive Philip Koster double-forward feature.

And finally, there\'s no doubt about it now - Monday\'s going to be the day for the 2011 Starboard wave launch. Adapt IQ, July 19th 2010,

Photo Credit: Clyde Waite