Todays video comes from Robby Swift, and features the NeilPryde team in action in Pozo this year. Watch Philip Koster, Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi and of course Robby himself, all ripping up the waves of Gran Canaria. Impressive stuff.


If you still want more Pozo stunts, then check out this video clip featuring action from the 2nd/3rd playoff between 2 of the best jumpers ever, Philip Koster and Ricardo Campello.

With the Fuerteventura Slalom just 1 day away, the PWA website focuses on the battle for the constructors title. North and Starboard currently head the leader board, but NeilPryde and JP are right on their tails. And with the flying French man Antoine Albeau looking a likely favourite on JP/NP, it could be a different story by the end of the week. Until then, read the interviews with the head honchos at Starboard and North.

Still on the subject of the PWA, there are rumours flying around of a womens only slalom event in Almenarre. Yet to be confirmed on the PWA, but reported by the ever reliable master of gossip Windsurf Journal.

Sticking in France it seems McDonalds are getting into Windsurfing. Their free magazine "Le Mag" has featured French windsurf stars in both the last 2 issues. Read more here.

And lastly if you are stuck with no wind or waves, check this out for a bit of fun. Tarp Surfing!

Photo Credit: JC/PWA