Fuerteventura PWA Slalom is into the 4th day and whilst Antoine seems to have everything under control at the front, the fight behind him is intensifying. Finian holds 2nd position by just 0.7 points ahead of Cyril, whilst Bjorn closed the gap with a win in the last final. 2 more days to go, so its all to play for. Read the PWA report from yesterday, check out the results, follow the ticker, watch the Boardseeker special from yesterday and watch out for the exclusive Boardseeker video tonight. (We may even have a sneak preview of the top freestylers practicing from the upcoming freestyle.)

Still not had enough slalom? Then check out the complete race 5 final, or the race 6 final or the race 8 final.

Philip Koster has won the Wave/Freestyle section of the German Championships. Taking place in Sylt, they had some classic bump and jump "Sylt style".In the slalom it was Bernd Flessner who once again took the win. He probably has more German titles than Bjorn has world ones!


Prehaps the most impressive however was Andre Paskowski. He hit the water for the first time in ages after 9 weeks of chemo, and took 3rd place. Massive well done Andre.

Stehsegelrevue.com show us the innovative new Techno Limits front end. It is said that the new front end gives a more direct control of the sail. It also includes adjustable shock absorbers. Check it out here.

Scotty McKercher gives us the low down on the new Starboard Quad IQ. He talks about rocker lines and outlines and gets technical! Read more about it here.

Rumours are starting about a 4th stage of the PWA wave tour in Cape Verde. IF they are true, then it could make the perfect grand finale to the wave tour. As always the rumour comes from Windsurfjournal.com.

Finally the legendary Ocean Jump event are offering Wildcards. Its a jump ramp into water in the heart of Kiel. A huge event in front of loads of spectators. So if you think you have what it takes, check it out and apply now.

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