It is a quiet day for news today, but don\'t worry, we always find something for you

The forecast is looking pretty damn good for the upcoming PWA Wave event in Klitmoller in Denmark (we hope we are not cursing it now!). Here you have a little teaser released by the organizers so you can have an idea about how good the action will be. Remember that the event will be available to watch “live" through the event website.
During the event, Dario Ojeda, Klaas Voget and Jonas Ceballos will be signing Simmer Style sails posters. So if you are around, don’t miss the opportunity!
Andy “Bubble" Chambers and Max Rowe are the top British Freestylers at the moment. They are ranked 18th and 24nd in the PWA Freestyle Tour with one more event to go. During the summer they spent quite some time in the Canaries, both training and competing and here you have the video with the action.
And to finish for today we have some "refreshing" news. It is good to see a huge company like Coca Cola getting involved in Windsurfing, even when it is sponsoring a “vintage" event like they did last July in Italy in the “Coca Cola Zero Vintage Windsurf".

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