As predicted last week, the first real swells of autumn have hit Maui. Enjoy this film by Jake Miller of including Mark Angulo, Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Jason Prior and many more. There are pictures from Jimmie Hepp on the Simmer site and more at Jeff Bennett\'s


This side of the Atlantic, Pozo News are calling the first big European swell of the season just around the corner – \'The Beast\' should hit the Canaries by Friday, but looks like the wind will be light. Glassy – if huge – surf though...

Back in mainland Europe, Roman Lorenz won the second Swiss Freestyle Battle last weekend at Lake Uri. See a full report here - and enjoy the movie below...


NorthSails / Fanatic teamrider András Horányi-Névy has won the first ever Hungarian Wave Championship in Prasonisi on the Greek island of Rhodes. More here.

The PWA have released their Sylt World Cup event summary, confirming a few World Champions and Gollito and Bjorn as Freestyle and Slalom winners at the event. Severne Sails have published a quick interview to celebrate Dunkerbeck\'s victory, while Aussie racer Sean O\'Brien has authored a nice movie on the event.

And finally, if you always thought lakes were flat you\'d best reconsider. Check out 6th placed 2010 PWA Freestyler Phil Soltysiak at Sherkston, Lake Erie – the fourth biggest of North America\'s Great Lakes. This was when Hurricane Earl hit late last month – at nearly 250 miles long there\'s quite some fetch to the lake, and it\'s shallow enough to create a half-decent break by the looks of things...


Photo Credit: Jimmie Hepp