The idea behind the Maui Kokua Classic running on 1/2 April is to combine a high profile beach clean up in conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation AND run a youth day for the kids of Maui AND to provide an exhibition style event involving the greatest talents in the sport, judged windsurfing legends.

The beach clean will involve the Pros, both young and old, fishing out broken equipment from the Ocean floor that has accumulated over years of equipment breaking at Ho\'okipa. The idea is to show that windsurfing is an environmentally conscious sport.

The Youth Day will consist of a master class on competing and just surviving Ho\'okipa, given by a selected group of Champions to include Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Levi Siver, Scott Mckercher and Josh Angulo. Once the Master class is complete, the kids will then venture out on their own, to be judged by the very Champions that were their teachers earlier in the day.

The Exhibition Event will feature 16 of the most impressive talents in the sport, split into two teams of 8: A "USA" Team and a "World" Team. Each Team will elect their own Captain and then send their members out, 2 at a time, to rip as hard as they can for 20 - 25 minutes, to accrue the two best possible scores that will go towards an overall team result. At the end of the day, it will be the team with the most points that wins, taking the coveted title of Maui Kokua Champions.

Team USA Robby Naish Josh Angulo Levi SIver Kevin Pritchard Matt Pritchard Keith Teboul Kai Katchedorian Francisco Porcella

Team WORLD Kauli Seadi (Brazil) Francisco Goya (Argentina) Jason Polakow (Australia) Scott McKercher (Australia) Marcilio Browne (Brazil) Alex Mussolini (Spain) Nik Baker (UK) Boujamaa Guilloul (Morocco)

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Photo Credit: Naish