We\'re super-pleased to hear Adam Sims survived a Whitstable session yesterday in ridiculous Arctic conditions. Look out for the movie on Boardseeker soon, meanwhile check out his blog for a brief report. You need to be careful out there if you\'re crazy enough to go out in the UK during this freeze though. Witness Mike Archer\'s travails on Tuesday at Felixtowe – 20 minutes then a 5-minute swim home sans rig. Harsh...

Tris Best has news of this weekend\'s proposed OTC Weymouth Slalom: "Probably the last thing on your mind right now, what with the air temperature (and windchill!) outside, but the next scheduled meet is just around the corner. That said, the wind prediction for Saturday isn\'t looking the best, despite a balmy air temperature of 9 degrees forecast!" More at windsurf-bsa.com

In warmer climes, Australian windsurfers are getting ready for the 2011 Downunder Pro Formula Windsurfing Championships at Hawks Nest near Sydney. More at fw-australia.com

Out on Gran Canaria, storms have turned the water \'all chocolatey\' at Pozo – mmm-mmm! Didn\'t stop them going out though according to Cutre\'s Pozo News.

And let\'s stay warm with today\'s movies: first up, Filip Walin with some great onboard camera footage from Ho\'okipa...

Then from Egypt, Scottish Club Dahab instructor John Yeomans showing some tasty power freestyle moves. Talking of Dahab, although the Tushy boys George Shillito and Muzza returned from their recent photoshoot OK, spare a thought for Bubble who\'s stranded at the Hilton Resort in Sharm until they open Gatwick. All inclusive though, so sounds plenty better than the other way round to us!

Luckily for Phil Horrocks, he\'s had no such trouble making his getaway to South Africa – and even has space at his pad overlooking Table Bay if anyone else fancies a week or two this winter? More at ripandslash.com

Fancy a new job with Phil\'s sponsors? JP-Australia are looking for a new Windsurf & SUP Product Manager. If you\'re a "plastic or mechanical engineer who windsurfs, have been involved in building windsurf boards, have a working experience, can handle stress well, fluently speak and write English and German and are not looking for a nine-to-five job" get your CV in at jp-australia.com

Staying with brands, Patrik Diethelm has released details of his board line-up for next season, including the TrailerWave as used to great effect by Dany Bruch to reach 5th on the PWA Wave tour this season and the Slalom that took Women\'s Slalom Champ Karin Jaggi to victory in 2010. Check them out.

Monty Spindler\'s sail brand The Loft have just launched a slick new website of their wares featuring their latest signing, PWA Slalom racer and speedster Ben Van Der Steen. Check it out.

And finally, if you too have been a bit shocked to see stand-up paddlebuggers tube-dodging on huge primary coloured boards, repeatedly stabbing waves, this might make you chuckle: Laird and Oprah discuss whether SUPthing is wrong here...

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