After Gollito\'s tribute yesterday, let\'s kick off today with another freestyler who could so easily lay claim to the title of \'best in the world\'. Kevin Pritchard of Maui Nerd Productions presents Tonky Frans...

Since hearing of its launch at the Paris Boat Show this week, we\'ve been looking out for more on the AHD AFS-1 foiling board. French site Windsurf Journal were obviously at the show and have posted more details: it\'s 238cm by 67cm, 112L, and weighs 9.5kg complete with foil. And AHD are claiming it could go three times the windspeed in 8 knots with a 7.5m sail. Given how \'foiling Moths\' have taken off (excuse the pun) in the dinghy sailing world, this could be worth keeping an eye on... Read a translation here.

Following widespread rumours that windsurfing may be dropped from the Olympic Games in 2016, Surfer Today have posed a few questions about how to make surfsports more media friendly. Check it out.

Sticking with the Olympic class, Waterhound are reporting that despite Jessica Crisp\'s return to RS:X racing, the Italians swept the board at the Sail Sydney Regatta with Marco Baglioni taking the men\'s fleet and Flavia Tartaglini the women\'s. More here.

Into the waves now, and Lars Petersen has released a sweet clip entitled Middles Funpark. He tells us: "Christian Gøbel, member of the FYM (Free Your Mind productions) crew has edited this little short film with me wavesailing in Middles (Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller)"

Lars\' sponsors, JP Australia are celebrating success alongside Simmer in the British Wavesailing Association\'s Wave Constructors Championships 2010 – more here and here

And finally, in the week that Leslie Nielsen sadly passed away what more fitting tribute could we offer than surely the most deadpan spoof windsurfing clip we\'ve seen all year? Step aside Gollito (and don\'t call me Shirley!) as INtuition present Four Dementias...

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Photo Credit: PWA / JC