Fanatic are continuing the recent theme of celebrating their top riders\' scenes in Carl Nyberg\'s Addicted to Ride. Here ex-freestyler Marcilio \'Brawzinho\' Browne demonstrates his wave prowess with some back-loops, goitas and doubles and explains how he does it. Watch and learn!

We\'ve had a theme running lately too, probably getting a bit over-excited about AHD\'s foiling AFS-1. That\'s been slightly tempered as we learn the potential price of this low-wind specialist from co-designer Bruno Andre who talked to French site Windsurf Journal. Still good value in the greater scheme of things, but we can expect to pay around €8,000 complete with rig. Still definitely want a go on one though! Read the translation here...

Talking of themes, the quad-fin waveboard has to be the big one from 2010. If you\'ve already got hold of a quad, or are planning to, the big question has to be how best to set it up. Well, courtesy of clean water pressure group +H2O, Quatro shaper Keith Teboul explains how best to set up a quad-fin to suit your style... Say thanks at

NeilPryde have announced the winner of their Limited Edition 40th Anniversary sail as Tim Maicher, who should get his new toy in time for Christmas. More here.

Don\'t know about you, but we\'re yet to be flooded with Christmas greetings this year. You can be sure it\'s coming though – and on the blogs, the first of the festive cheer is this v-card from PWA wavesailor Martin Ten Ho-Ho-Hoeve.

Meanwhile his freestyling Dutch countryman young Davy Scheffers is getting very excited. And understandably so – it\'s nearly Christmas, he\'s all set to sit his driving test, has a crazy new sponsorship deal with Brunotti, and even got out for this light wind session as temperatures topped a balmy 6°C last week. More at

And finally, the boys Down Under seem to be having a few brushes with the law recently. Check out these shots of them getting buzzed by the fuzz "at a well know WA windsurfing spot". See the whole thread at

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