So here it is, Merry Christmas, and the last daily news update before the Christmas break. We couldn\'t think of a more suitable star of today\'s headline movie than Andre Paskowski after his successful battle against cancer this year. Here\'s his showcase of the North Duke freestyle / power wave sail – and we\'re looking forward to seeing him back on top form next year...

Meanwhile Jason Polakow is remembering last Christmas and a firing 20-foot swell at Jaws on the JP-Australia site: read his awesome full story of the session with Robby Naish here.

Severne have launched their \'Living Wing II\' race sail concept of "dynamic wings with active flex" off the back of some race-winning 2010 development. Here\'s the Reflex II launch movie – full details here.

Sibling brand Starboard have unveiled details of their full Spring / Summer 2011 line-up, including a brand new super-early-planing Ultrasonic slalom board, the Serenity Catamaran, new Gemini Tandem and more besides. Check them out.

Here\'s a decent clip of Josh Angulo, Marcos Perez, Stephan Etienne, Nico Spadea, Flo Jung and Camille Juban at the Gun photoshoot on Maui. Thanks to Flo for this one, good to hear he\'s recovering well from that painful sortie onto the rocks at PWA Cabo Verde and could be back on the water next month.

And finally, some seasonal Euro action – complete with the white stuff – from freestyle wunderkind Davy Scheffers and his Snowy Christmas Video. More from Davy here.

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Photo Credit: Eric Aeder