Well, guess it\'s Happy New Year then – and, for everyone\'s sakes, let\'s keep it brief today so we can all get on with the revelling. So here goes, we\'ll kick off with a movie of the NeilPryde 2011 Collection photoshoot on Maui.

Revelling in South Africa right now, Ben Proffitt is reporting on some mega-windy conditions – not much by way of waves, but apparently Rich Potter has gone for his first double-forward. Respect. For more Cape Town coverage, check out Lars Petersen\'s trip last month and enjoy this cracking movie from Timo Mullen: 4 Days in 60 seconds, filmed by Dave Horrocks, chauffered by Ross Williams, and edited by Timo\'s brother Tam...

That Lars Petersen story is being carried by both of his sponsors – JP and NeilPryde – on their websites. Which, along with Ezzy, are being hailed as the world top 3 highest web-ranked windsurfing brands by the Maui Windsurfing blog. Check out the full stats and their disection at mauiwindsurfing.net

Want another movie? How\'s this? French freestyler and wave ripper Léo Ray\'s Maui 2010, shot by Jonas Marpot.

Starboard are reporting some changes to the PWA Constructor Ranking in 2011 to "create more value in female sailors and to those brands who support them..." Full announcement and explanation here.

Thinking of women, as you do, check out the Diary of a Water Mummy on flowindsurfing.comJuliana Shelef\'s trip from Israel to Brazil in the sole company of her new-born baby to claim third place at last month\'s IFCA World Slalom Champs.

And finally, given the recent icy weather gripping much of Northern Europe, Point-7\'s new super-low-footed Black Ice winter ice-surfing sail maybe isn\'t as niche an idea as it initially sounded. More here. And from that very link, here\'s a movie of a \'normal\' Point-7 in action on the white stuff last year in Keskuskari (wherever that is! Russia?)

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