Over in Spain it is Three Kings day today, where traditionally they give out their presents. So we bring you some further festive treats, with a whole host of video action satisfying just about everyone. Starting with a behind scenes look at the Gun Sails photo shoot. Florian Jung gives us the insiders view.

Florian is recovering well from his nasty leg injury in Cape Verde. Read about his rehab program on PWAworldtour.com.

If we say dream boat trip, most people automatically think of perfect waves and empty reefs. Well today we bring you a new angle to boat trips from the RSX side. Check out this great movie clip from World youth Champion, Thomas Goyard and Benjamin Tillier. Shows what can be don with just a GoPro (and a 40ft Yacht).

If that has got your RS:X juices flowing, then why not check out the UKWA winter training camp. More information can be found here.

Something for the freestylers. "Not another Jeri movie" featuring Al Bentley. His X factor audition tape, complete with plenty of Freestyle stunts.

We all know freestyle doesn\'t always go to plan, but Ric Cleworth is just unlucky!

Meanwhile, just (a few thousands miles) up the coast, Laure Treboux caught the same swell and she too starts the year on a very positive note.

Finally if you fancy taking on some Margies monsters, but are afraid about the consequences to your gear… then check out the new Amex masts with 2 year warrenty!

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