Yesterday we reported from the Lancelin Ocean Classic and today we have the video, thanks to the guys at Kuma. Watch the complete carnage at the start, then focus on Bjorn as he turns up the gas and flies to the front of the fleet, before crossing the line in 1st.

More transfer news. Dany Bruch moves to Starboard. After a successful year on Patrik boards, the german ripper, living in Tenerife has moved to the Starboard Dream team.

Another hot signing is Stephan and Nicole joining Oxbow. The couple spend their whole lives chasing wind and waves, surfing, supping or sailing depending on what they find. Check out the video from their home island of Fuerteventura.

The BWA have announced the dates for the first half of their 2011 tour. Wales runs from the 6th-8th May, whilst Ireland follows directly from the 9th-13th. That basically means a 2 event, back to back road trip taking in 2 of the best spots in the British Isles! Doesn\'t get much better than that, and when you throw in a bit of competition and plenty of banter its the perfect trip! Check out more information at

Many readers follow the PWA through both the event press releases and the regular website updates. Behind the scenes putting this all together is Andrew Buchanan. He has battled with cancer for the past 18 months, but is now back and brings with him a fresh outlook on life. C7 put the questions to him for a change.

Meanwhile over in New Caladonia at the ANG Grand Prix, Antoine unsurprisingly continues to lead. 3 bullets out of 3. Check out the translated report here and the results here.

Some technical stuff for the geeky guys. give their views on the new quads. Clearly they are impressed and if you want to find out more check out the Boardseeker tests for 85L waveboards and 75L waveboards.

Lastly something a little more serious for all the UK based sailors. Recent changes brought in by the government mean they are proposing the closure of 10 Coastguard Co-ordination centres. This could obviously have a huge affect on safety at sea, so if you want to add your voice to the growing petition click here.

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