Todays headline video takes a behind the scenes look at this years NeilPryde photo shoot. Ace photographer Jerome Houyvet as the man behind the beautiful images we see everywhere and here we get to see just how they get all the different angles, the work goes into it and how the team works together to get the job done.

Sticking with NeilPryde, they launch their new dedicated race sail website. Find out here everything you need to know about the latest speed machines.

More transfer news and this time its British Freestyler Max Rowe who joins Fanatic. Max had a great year in 2010, placing 11th in his first ever PWA Fuerteventura event and finishing 2nd in the British Championships. More info here and expect a lot more from Max in 2011.

Victor Fernandez has been nominated for the Laureus Awards. When you see the list of names he sits alongside it is an very prestigious positions to be. Rafael Nadal, Sebastian Vettel, Lionel Messi, Kelly Slater are just a few of the other top names! Check it out here.

We are still in New year mode, so Dani Miquel gives us the best of Pozo in 2010. Enjoy the images!

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