Headline news in the UK today has to be the fact that IT\'S WINDY ... and pretty warm too – spring at last! So please excuse the brevity of today\'s headlines: we\'re trying to get out on the water, and if you get half a chance you should too. Check your options at bigsalty.co.uk, and start planning your escape...

Anyway, movie of the day has to be this best of Fuerte Wave Classic 2011 from ROX Productions who followed this year\'s event out on Fuerteventura. Despite no actual competition taking place, the action from La Caleta, Glass Beach and Puertito near Cotillo is pretty impressive. Enjoy!

And today\'s big story? It must be JP-Australia\'s signing of a new figurehead for their Young Gun programme in the shape of Youp Schmit – a 16-year-old Dutchman who grew up on Bonaire. Read more and check out some great pix at boards.co.uk

JP are also toasting another of their Young Guns online - 18-year-old Antoine \'Titoun\' Martin (F-193) has won the PTA Windsurfing Championship on Guadeloupe. More at jp-australia.com

Following the current consternation surrounding the RS:X windsurfing potentially being dropped from the 2016 Olympics, here\'s another chance to do your bit – vote RS:X Olympic Windsurfing on the ISAF\'s Facebook page ... do it! Do it now. Do it here.

At least windsurfing\'s safe at London 2012 (or rather, Weymouth 2012) and as our leading lights head off to the Princess Sofia Regatta in Spain it\'s good to see Bryony Shaw getting some mainstream media coverage – check out her page in London\'s Metro newspaper on facebook.com

Good news for British bargain-hunters, the clocks going forward means that the Hayling Car Boot is back up and running on the first Sunday of the month (so that\'s this Sunday, folks) from 8am to noon behind the Hayling Fun Fair. Contact Lee on 01243 266446 for more details.

And finally, that brings us neatly on to old British relics – and big thanks to Surfer Today for reminding us of the late seventies, when pictures where black and white, real men didn\'t wear harnesses, windsurfing was huge, and even HRH Prince Charles was into it. More at surfertoday.com

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Photo Credit: Markus Seidel