We\'ve got a fair few stories to bring you today, so let\'s keep things concise: first up, the PWA are hiring for the position of PWA Press Officer – hard work, lots of time away from home, but potentially very rewarding for the right candidate. More at pwaworldtour.com

Or maybe you think \'mere\' media man is a little beneath your talents? In which case you could be up for Continent Seven\'s unique competition ... to win a wildcard entry to the freestyle fleet at PWA Podersdorf towards the end of this month?!? If you think you\'ve got the tricks, get your application in at continentseven.com

OK, time for a few Friday films now – the slickest action of the day has to be Guadeloupean ripper Camille Juban\'s latest with footage from Hawaii, Reunion and Tahiti.

Real world? It doesn\'t get much grittier than this: Guy Shingler last month at Cold Knap, Barry, South Wales – and look out for Rat Rigs ripper Scott Harrison\'s cameo 1.30 in. Blink and you\'ll miss him though!

And some way from most people\'s reality, Jay Haysey continues to deliver the latest behind-the-scenes footage from the 2012 NeilPryde photoshoot on Maui via facebook.com/neilpryde – here\'s Jerome Houyvet and Kauli Seadi discussing the mast-high wavesailing session on day 2.

Keeping it Pryde, this year Windsurfing4CancerResearch (W4CR) are running a prize draw for a complete NeilPryde RS:ONE setup, open to anyone that raises over £150 for the cause. So, keep 1 May clear for windsurfing and start finding some sponsors. More at boards.co.uk – get involved at w4cr.org ... one of the first of many events being announced this month is Dave Nobles / Trent Windsurfing Club\'s day of master-blaster racing and GPS speed at W4CR Rutland Water – more here.

RS:ONE to RS:X now, and the latest from the Princess Sophia Regatta in Palma is that Britain\'s Nick Dempsey is in second place, 11 points behind Dutchman Dorian van Rissjelberge going into the last couple of days of competition. Elliot Carney is still showing well in 15th place. In the women\'s, Marina Alabau is still in charge while Britain\'s Bryony Shaw is in 12th and young Izzy Hamilton 17th. More at rsxclass.com

Back to prizes, Severne are celebrating spring with the chance to win a brand new improver / all-rounder Convert sail – all you need to do is sign up for their newsletter via severnesails.com

Talking of sails, our very own technique guru Jem Hall has let us know that SeaSprite Sports have added the no-cam Ezzy Freeride 5 to their UK range, sitting alongside the esteemed twin-cam Infinity. More at ezzy.com

Talking of Jem Hall, our big, bald, loveable coach still has some spaces on his Advanced Performance Boost in Reliable Rhodes on 29 June. Warm winds, big sun, ripping gybes, perfect pops, feasible freestyle and luscious loops will all be on the menu. More at jemhall.com

And finally, suddenly summer\'s arrived across Europe, so what better way to celebrate than with a tune? That Sun Will Shine is the latest from PWA freestyler-come-MC Ruben \'BNG\' Petresie: "A groovy drum dubbish mix", and it\'s certainly sunny! More at rubenpetrisie.com