OK, so one last time (!) let\'s recap on PWA Podersdorf and leave it alone until next year, eh? Obviously chuffed to bits with his first ever Freestyle World Cup victory we\'re promised a full report from Steven Van Broekhoven very soon at stevenvanbroeckhoven.com, third placed Davy Scheffers is already waxing lyrical at davy-h311.nl, but that\'s nothing compared to rookie Brit Jamie Drummond\'s dissertation on the event at jamiek787.blogspot.com. Meanwhile the PWA have now published their full event summary, check it out at pwaworldtour.com

Talking of freestyle, Surfer Today look to have put a fair bit of effort into their latest movie gallery – enjoy the A-Z of Freestyle at surfertoday.com

But next on Tour it\'s racing at PWA Korea, 14-20 May (more here), where Maui Sails have high hopes for their redesigned TR-7 slalom sails. Check out this product presentation – and find out more at mauisails.com

Back in Blighty, it\'s all eyes on Rhosneigr this weekend for round 1 of BWA wavesailing competition (more, including a live webcam, from event hosts Funsport at funsportonline.co.uk). But across the Pond the American Windsurfing Tour 2011 has kicked off already with the Santa Cruz Classic due to conclude on Sunday. No wind yet, according to waterhound.com, but there\'s quite a fleet of talent there so do keep an eye on proceedings at americanwindsurfingtour.com

On the racecourse there are now updates on UKWA Cup 1 in Portland last weekend from a jubilant Team Tushingham including Dave Hackford and Jon White ("“Awesome racing, the best for a long time...) Check them out on boards.co.uk and tushingham.com

How\'s this for a prize? Boards mag and Highland Spring HIHO (more at go-hiho.com) are offering a luxury week\'s trip for two to The Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. This £11,000 trip departs 25 June, and all you need to do for a chance to win is successfully count to three. Enter online at boards.co.uk

Out in Dahab, as their season draws to a close, Club Vass head coach Colin Dixon has hooked up with his German buddy Marco Wedele to begin production of a new windsurfing instructional DVD: Go Pro with Colin and Marco. Keep up with their production via goprowithcolinandmarco.blogspot.com

Just up the beach, Neilson continue to go from strength to strength (just ask Adrian and the Clones, who are still buzzing from their freerace / twin-cam testing out there last month). But this season, they\'re without their longtime centre manager Sam Ross who\'s now returned to the UK – if you want to keep up with him (or book a coaching course or instructor training) check out his pimp new website at sam-ross.co.uk

And finally, following yesterday\'s JP at Jaws clip, here\'s a reminder of what happens when it all goes wrong – Kauli Seadi wiping out in the west bowl that same day, 15 March. Can\'t have done wonders for his kit, but he\'s OK (this isn\'t another Boujmaa episode!) and as you\'ll see from kauliseadi.com.br he\'s finally heading home to see family and friends for a month back home in Brazil.

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Photo Credit: John Carter / PWA