Well, British windsurfers can\'t fail to have noticed it\'s been WINDY over the weekend! And looking like more of the same today if you have the energy and opportunity to get out – as ever, check your options on bigsalty.co.uk and we\'ll hopefully see you out there...

And given it was so windy, it\'s maybe understandable that there\'s only limited news dripping out of last weekend\'s BSA Weymouth event down at the OTC in Dorset, as sponsored by Jaffa Oranges. In pretty \'juicy\' conditions too – ranging from biggest kit to hammering windy, so the slalom fraternity will surely be resting their aching bones rather than posting results and pictures quite yet! We do hear via Twitter @otc_windsurf that Ant Baker took first place from local lad and Olympic legend Nick Dempsey in second and Doctor James Dinsmore third. Hopefully more soon at windsurf-bsa.com

For some tangible UK results we travel inland to Derwent Reservoir in the nort-east of England where Dave Coles won the UKWA Formula racing the weekend before last, followed by Tim Gibson and Chris Bond. Next stop, Minnis Bay! Full story on ukwindsurfing.com

And staying on the racecourse Team Russia have taken the junior Techno European Team Championship from Italy in second and Israel in third at the World Festival on the Beach in Mondello, Sicily. More at internationalwindsurfing.com

Away from competition we do have a few UK blog updates on recent action though – Will Rogers enjoyed a full power weekend at Daymar on windsurfingwilly.wordpress.com, also in the West Country big thanks to Howard at Fisher Viking for today\'s lead picture (and the only action pic we\'ve seen of the weekend so far!) from howard-windaddiction.blogspot.com, Clyde Waite, Jamie Hancock, Gregg Dunnett and all three brothers Cox could be found throwing stunts at Southbourne according to windsurfbritain.blogspot.com, women\'s 2011 BWA clean-sweeper Sarah Bibby has posted a couple of pix from Ireland at sarahk349.blogspot.com, amateur sensation Aleksy Gayda has managed to reverse the family van into the garden wall at aleksyk412.blogspot.com, while Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers is calling for anyone who can to join him for a second full-power freestyle day down at Rye Watersports on k540.com

Now, time for a movie – and apologies if you already caught this one on Windsurfer International, but umi Pictures\' awesome latest feature is now on general release so we\'d be crazy not to bring it to you here. So, for you enjoyment and delectation, here\'s umi\'s epic portrait of Graham Ezzy – Maui Son. Much more at umipictures.com

Having controversially launched the first 2012 design way back in March in the shape of the freestyle Pure that went on to clean up at PWA Podersdorf, Gaastra have now launched a 2012 catalogue including details of the new freestyle Pure and crossover Cross alongside the established IQ, Poison and Manic freewave ranges. Check it out here

Talking of freestyle, Canadian trickster Philip Soltysiak, CAN-9, has launched a new website including all the latest on his movements with a novel \'Where is Phil?\' locator, reports from around the world, and the chance to win a goodie bag from Phil\'s sponsors merely by asking the man some questions. Check it out at philipsoltysiak.com

And finally, here\'s our leading nomination for the 2011 National Geographic Retro Windsurfing Neoprene Picture of the Year – not exactly a hotly contested category, but this shot of George Shillito in Gul by Simon Crowther could surely handle a bit of competition. More at georgek630.windsurfing.pro

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Photo Credit: Fisher Viking