Starting from accross the pond today.... The Big Winds Big Loop Contest has been going off in the Gorge. Windsurf magazine are actually taking votes based on the videos on their Facebook page to help pick the winners. Here is one of the videos, get voting!

Continuing on a social media tip, Globashots, who are currently keeping us up-to-date with all things Greek have just created their new Facebook Page. Jay from Globalshots has been reporting back from the new Wednesday slalom action that is happening in Club Vass:

The final story isn\'t strictly windsurfing but it is Robby Naish, so we are guessing that\'s ok. Robby has been away in Costa Rica hunting for very long waves, the famous surf break of Pavones to be precise (this is the start of his global hunt with Red Bull). Using a GPS watch, he has been measuring the length of his rides and managed 1.09Km and 2 minutes 15! Here is the movie:

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