Okay, so we have to admit today is kinda a slow news day in the windsurfing world ... so we\'re more pleased than ever to see the latest movie from the new generation of British freestylers: here\'s Will Rogers freestyling Dahab 2011 – more at windsurfingwilly.wordpress.com

From up-and-comers to our established British number one as Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers has landed on Fuerte ready for the next round of PWA Freestyle tomorrow. Unfortunately his latest Twitter feed via k540.com reads thusly: "Made it to Fuerte! Except it\'s raining and no wind! Apartment is sick! Overlooking the event site! Food shopping done! Pics coming soon!!" Oh well, four out of five ain\'t so bad!!! Keep up with developments at pwaworldtour.com

And while we\'re talking \'style, here\'s the latest from the man who\'s rapidly beginning to look like the \'old guard\' of World Cup Freestyle – Jose \'Gollito\' Estredo in training earlier this year at home in El Yaque. The defending (and increasingly looking like outgoing in 2011) World Champion has been suffering shoulder trouble just lately, but promises to be 100% for Fuerte according to continentseven.com

From the old guard to the next new wave now, and the IFCA ProKids Freestyle World Championship has begun at the Sail and Surf Center at Brouwersdam in the Netherlands. 21 riders from 8 different countries registered yesterday according to efpkids-tour.com ... and judging by the flags, one of those countries is Britain. We\'ll get a man onto finding out who our home nation representatives are...

As promised, that self-same man has completed his mission set by yesterday\'s news as we can confirm that Ant Baker did indeed win the BSA Hunstanton slalom up in Norfolk last weekend, from Kevin Greenslade in second and Simon Cofield third in fact according to ukwindsurfing.comChristian Body took the amateurs, P Whitomore (typo, or extra-o? You decide!) the masterblasters, and we\'ve even tracked down some pictures on facebook.com/davewhitek63

And finally, while we were stalking through Dave White\'s Farcebook page we weren\'t too stunned to notice his latest gallery entitled \'Aston Martin\' – smashed up motor vehicles are pretty standard in big Dave\'s life. What did surprise us though is that Dave wasn\'t even driving on this occasion, he\'d left that up to Roberto Ricci (the man behind RRD) and was merely recording the incident ... from the passenger seat! Rest assured that no-one was injured and check out the carnage at facebook.com/davewhitek63

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Photo Credit: John Warren