Well, that man Antoine Albeau went and did it again at PWA Fuerteventura yesterday as he scraped his way past Cyril Moussilmani to claim the 2011 Fuerte Slalom crown. A disappointing fourth for Dunkerbeck sees his season\'s lead down to just 33 points over Albeau – that\'s the difference between a first and second place as far as championship points go too, so it\'s all to play for next week at Alacati in Turkey. More at pwaworldtour.com

Antoine\'s sail sponsors NeilPryde look like they had other stuff to focus on yesterday, as 1 August saw the launch of their 2012 collection and a super-clean new website to showcase it on too. Check out Pryde\'s 2012 presentation movie here, and take a closer look at the tweaked line-up at neilpryde.com

In fact, if you really can\'t wait to try it out you might want to take a trip out to Club Vass on the Greek island of Lefkas – clubvass.com – who have proudly unveiled their new double-stitched centre sails via a presentation from the one and only Colin \'Whippy\' Dixon, thusly...

Back to competitions, and over in Baja, Punta San Carlos is currently hosting the AWT Cactus Cup where we hear Kevin Pritchard has taken the single elimination ahead of Keith Teboul, Matt Pritchard and Graham Ezzy. More at americanwindsurfingtour.com – and more from second placed woman, Britain\'s Tanya Saleh, on boards.co.uk and tanyak297.blogspot.com

Another hotly contested US event has been the Hawaii State Slalom Championships – the longest-running windsurfing race series in the world, apparently. And surely the longest running of windsurfing racers won it too: that\'ll be Phil McGain, of course... More at waterhound.com and mauisails.com

Back to Fuerte where there\'s plenty to talk about besides the weekend\'s racing. Like the PWA Freestyle last week, from where women\'s rookie Danielle Lucas reports at getwindsurfing.com ... as does a mildly disappointed Jamie Drummond at jamiek787.blogspot.com

And finally, looking north, Steve Gibson has finally posted a round-up of what happened a few weeks back up at Punta for Get High Or Die II, won by the double-looping Yannick Anton. More at gibboinfuerte.blogspot.com and here for your delectation and delight is the event movie...

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Photo Credit: PWA / John Carter