We\'ll start way out west today, as in Baja California the second day of the AWT San Carlos Cactus Cup belonged to low-profile Naish ripper Nathan Mershon who beat Keith Teboul, Matt Pritchard and Russ Faurot to the second single elimination win. (To be honest, we\'ve no idea what happened to the first double: no trace of that on americanwindsurfingtour.com!) What we do know though, is \'our\' Tanya Saleh won the women\'s yesterday – read her report at boards.co.uk

There\'s no doubt who won what at PWA Fuerteventura though, with plenty of news all over the web of Antoine Albeau\'s slalom victory and Steven Van Broeckhoven\'s killer freestyle blow. Check out the PWA\'s event round-up from Ed Sinclair at pwaworldtour.com, and for good measure take a look at what Antoine did just beforehand as Micah Buzianis reports from the Formula World Champs at jp-australia.com ... oh, and want to see the official PWA Fuerte slalom and freestyle highlights? No problem...

Another movie? Easy! Let\'s look to Antoine\'s sail sponsors again as NeilPryde have released this peek at what their 2012 4-batten Fly2 can do – more at neilpryde.com (and if you want to see one for real, you\'ll want to be in Poole tomorrow evening for a free preview night with uk.pryde-group.com)

Now, let\'s round off all this recent Fuerte coverage with news that the wavesailing\'s been pretty hot up north while the slalom giants were duelling down in Sotavento. Check out blog updates from Punta Blanca by Stef Hilder at stefk782.blogspot.com and Sarah Bibby at sarahk349.blogspot.com – and as if to prove that our British number one wavesailor ain\'t the only chick ripping it up out there, here\'s the latest movie from Iballa Moreno waveriding what looks to us like a pretty big day at Cotillo. More from the twins and their shiny new VW wagons at morenotwins.com

Here\'s a couple of snippets from Germany – first up, it\'s come as no surprise that Philip Koster has taken first place up at Sylt to become German Wave Champion 2011 according to neilpryde.com. And secondly, if you fancy your chances at securing a German national title this year you could do worse than consider a trip out to the isle of Fehmarn, 3-10 September, for the German Speed Championship – more at speedworldcup.com

And finally, thanks to Michael Clancy (comeback kid Mikey\'s dad) for sending us this link to a BT ad we\'d actually noticed ourselves ... but in truth had missed the sweet planing wave 360 towards the end. This kid\'s obviously got natural talent, but you\'d have to say he needs some coaching – tellyads.com

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Photo Credit: Kevin Pritchard