We\'ll start the week with another look back on the awesome KIA @coldhawaii PWA Klitmoller event – and a movie of the last day of windsurfing action from the SURF Mag Super Session. Kudos to \'our boys\' Adam Lewis, Phil Horrocks, Jamie Hancock and Timo Mullen for stepping up to the plate one last time, and of course Ricardo Campello for his consolation victory. Thing is, while the wave guys were busy SUPing and pulling KIA motors over the weekend we\'ve taken another look at what we called \'the cleanest pushloop-forward ever seen\' (check it out at 2:40) ... and now we\'re not so sure there was enough rotation in either loop to qualify. Anyway, a 12-point double did it for V-111 in the end, so it\'s academic – read the full event dissertation at pwaworldtour.com

While we\'re talking technical though, if you\'ve ever wondered how these wave comps are scored – and you\'ve got half an hour to spare to find out – the lovely penguins of Cold Hawaii have released this illuminating feature. Check out Robby Swift and PWA head judge Duncan Coombs analysing all the moves from the Koster vs Campello super-final. More at worldcup.coldhawaii.eu ... where they even break down all the moves on all the scoresheets for the serious stattos amongst you!