After the light wind-based frustrations of the weekend, Monday was looking promising for the racers at very least at the Reno World Cup, in Sylt.

But it turned out to be another tough day at the office as winds only barely above the minimum level came and went at the most inopportune moments.

Lets rewind to 6.45am yesterday when things were looking oh so promising. The freestylers and racers were all set to hit the water to battle it out for the first official competition and the forecast was looking good.

Sadly the wind didn\'t play ball and it wasn\'t until 2pm that conditions had improved enough for the racers to set sail. But set sail they did and with around 8-12 knots of wind the competition got underway with light wind skills the order of the day.

Big name first round casualties included Finian Maynard who was caught out by a particularly nasty wind hole at the third of the four marks. Jules Denel, Malte Reuscher, Gunnar Asmussen and Pascal Toselli also failed to reach round two.

Our very own Ross Williams was, however, excelling in the testing conditions in front of the massive crowd that had amassed on the beach.

The upsets continued in round two with Peter Volwater and Peter Bijl struggling to stay competitive - Volwater\'s race was ended by an early disqualification - but 2011 world champ and all round legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck was making serene progress as his biggest rivals were forced to up their game to qualify.

But then 4.30pm arrived and with it came a wind hole at the first mark and race organisers were left with no option but to release the fleet. You can read more about the day and check out videos of the slalom action on the PWA website.

Here\'s one to get you started from heat 10 of the first elimination.