If Boardseeker News Headlines was a Shakespeare play, the opening scene might have us staring at the sky on the beach in Sylt, crying \'wind, wind, where for art thou, wind?\'

Fortunately, we only write the news, not plays, but it was yet another frustrating day for everyone at Sylt where the world\'s best racers, freestylers and wave sailors should be competing at the Reno World Cup.

We did manage to get some slalom action on day three but day four brought more high pressure and the inevitable light winds. But the sun was shining so the PWA decided to keep the crowds and sailors entertained with a tow in wave session and a SUP race.

With 600 of your finest Euros on offer, the sailors divided themselves into mixed gender teams of three. The fomat was simple; a relay around a three mark course including a run in and out of the surf.

After a hard fought battle the dream team of Marcilio Browne, Kauli Seadi and Nayra Alonso came out on top to claim the cash.