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Official results
1st – Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)
2nd – Alvaro Onieva (Best)
3rd – Kevin Langereee (Naish)

1st – Kristin Boese (Best)
2nd – Julie Simsar (Liquid Force)
3rd – Angela Peral (North)

Day 5

15-18knots of steady wind blew and the slider contest got underway.  Riders have to unhook and can´t have a leash to keep things as safe for the riders as possible.  Unfortunately Aaron Hadlow had his leash attached while powering his way through heats and as such got disqualified.  Janek Korycki (Naish) was riding well and was doing handle passes off both the kicker and the slider.  The other rider standing out was Petr Tyushkevich the Russian (Cabrinha).  He was dominating the show with similar tricks, but was much more consistant.

Results for slider contest

1st – Petr Tyushkevich (Cabrinha)
2nd – Janek Korycki (Naish)
3rd – Billy Parker (Flexifoil)

1st – Kristin Boese (Best)
2nd – Julie Simsar (Liquid Force)
3rd – Viktoria Soloveykina (Cabrinha)

For those of you keen to hear about the UK riders – none were able to enter the slider contest as they were busy working with a photgrapher at the other side of the beach.

I´ll bring you plenty of photos very soon.

Day 4
Light winds kept kiting pretty low key today but there was just enough wind to get the final 3 heats of the double elimination complete.  Kevin langeree (Naish) came up against Alvaro Onieva (Best), but was unable to match Alvaro´s fast and powerful pace.  Alvaro landed powered mobe´s, s bends to blind surface handle pass, kite loops handle passes and more.  Kevin responded with much of the same only had his kite higher and was unable to match the power.  The judges are power hungry and as such Alvaro progressed to meet Aaron in the final.

The final went ahead, but had to be postponed because of lightwind, but later in the day the wind came through slightly stronger and they were able to run it.  It was a good heat with Aaron easily landning kite loop handle passes making them look easy, mobe´s, KGB´s and to put icing on the cake mobe 7´s (the latest trick) on both tacs.  Alvaro responded well, but made mobe 7 on just the one tac and although an awesome heat it was not enough to take down Aaron.

It´s unofficial – but Aaron has that in the bag I´m sure.

For the girls it was kristin Boese (Best) who took on the single elimination winner Julie Simsar (Liquid Force).  Both girls were pretty close for the first half of the heat with both landing aerial handle passes on one tac, railey´s, down loops and unhooked rotations.  However for the second half of the heat Kristin pulled out a railey to wrapped and a back loop to wrapped and then an aerial handle pass on the other tac!  It was more then enough to secure her 1st place.

Wind looks light today and it is over cast.  That´s hope that it picks up enough to run the slider contest on this final day of competition.

keep you posted…

Day 3

So today the competition kicked off with the wind at around 12.30pm!  The conditions were better then yesterday with a steady 18-20knots.  Riders were well powered on 10m´s and tricks were going off!!!

Riders standing out loud and proud were Reno Romeu (North.)  He was consistantly landing kite loop handle passes, including kite loop 313´s and down loop slim chances.  He however was stopped in his tracks by Cesar Portas also riding for North.  Cesar added a new move into the competition today where he rides wrapped (which is kind of riding along heelside, but with your hand and lines and bar behind your back in your back hand.  Its called ´wrapped` because you arm is wrapped behind `your back).  Ok from this postion he placed his hand on the depower strap above the chicken loop and used his elbow to steer the kite and then pulled off a KGB (back loop to blind with an aerial handle pass and then switching your body to landing heelside instead of toeside!!!!!!!!!)  How sick is that!!!!  Is that even possible?  Well it is because Cesar pulled it and the crowd went WILD!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately at around 5pm the wind died off, so there are still a small number of heats to run!

Let this be known though…   Aaron Hadlow is currently in first place after yesterday and if the wind doesn´t return he will remain there!  Actually he is riding so well that if the wind returns he will probably remain there anyway!!!!   Can he do the hat trick?

Ok, now for the girls…   Psycho Russian Girl – only known by that term for her full on hardcore powered moves.  She rides for Cabrinha and is actually called Victoria.  She was ruling the day today with her full powered 313´s!!!  The only girl so far to pull one off in competition.  She was charging through the day and was only finally stopped by the current world champion, Kristin Boese (Best).  Brunha Kajya (Best) did nearly stop her in her tracks, but a strongly disputed judges decision put victoria through.  Jo Wilson (Naish) rode also agaisnt Victoria and had an awesome heat, but was unable to match Victoria´s 313 despite passing her KGB!  Emma York (Airush) also from the UK rode hard against Susi Mai, but Susi had a good heat landing railey to blind with surface handle pass, down loop railey, back to blind and more.

The vibe here is awesome and everyone is having a lot of fun.

Fingers crossed for wind tomorrow so that the double elimination can be completed and the slider contest can get underway!!!

Keep you posted…

Day 2

The single elimination is completed after a full day of wind. The wind was steady at around 15knots allowing the riders to complete on perfect flat water on big kites. Most riders opted for 11m’s!

Ripping out there was Alvaro Onieva (Best). He has been absolutely on fire since arriving here two weeks ago. He has spent the winter training in Brazil and it has certainly paid off. He was landing the biggest kite loop handle passes of the day. Cloesly followed was Kevin Langeree (Naish). Kevin was busting KGB’s (back loop to blind with an aerial handle pass), slim chances, kite loop 313’s (railey to aerial handle pass mid kite loop.)

Mallory Delavillemarque (North) was riding exceptionally well as well!

Ruben Lenten suffered a serious foot injury this winter while in Australia. He was thinking about not entering, but instead gave it a go, but could not match his usual pace and powered landings as such giving the frenchman Sebastian Garat (RRD)

Of course none could defeat the cuurent kitesurf master Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil). Aaron looked like he was having huge amounts of fun pulling of moves at request including mobe’s to wrapped with a surface handle pass, mobe 7’s and to think that he couldn’t make any harder move his grande finale was an old school one footer to beach land!!! Too funny!!!!!

Results from 1st to 4th place have yet to be officially released, but believe me when I say that Aaron has the final of the single elimination in the bag.

On the women’s front there were certainly some shocj exits. Brunha Kajya (Best) went out in the second round to Julie Simsar (Liquid Force). Julie on a winning streak then also took down Ania Grezlinska (North) landing herself a place in the final.

On the other side of the ladder it appeared that Kristin Boese was having trouble getting used to her new kites (Best) and was unable to relaunch her kite after a wipeout in the first few minutes of the heat. Angela Peral (North) advance against her to take a place in the final against Julie. Like the guys the results have yet to be revealed.

On the UK front. Lewis Crathern (RRD) won his first heat against Alex Pastor from Speain, but then Lewis had to go up against Aaron Hadlow.

In the girls Jo Wilson (Naish) had a UK heat against Emma York (Airush.) Jo advance to take on Ania Grelinska, but in a close heat lost out by just one move.

The double elimination begins tomorrow at 12 noon (5pm UK time.) Once again, I’ll keep you updated but for sure the finals will not be until at least Saturday as the organisers want to put on a big show on the weekend to gain maximum publicity for the sponsors.

Photo Credit: [email protected]


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