While much of the UK has been enjoying the last of the summer weekends, the brave boys and girls of the BWA wave scene have been driving home from the 25th Tiree Wave Classic. If you\'ve been paying attention, you should already know that Ben Proffitt beat John Skye in the pro triple (Skyeboy\'s minimalist response on skyeboy.blogspot.com says it all from his perspective!) while amateur winner Aleksy \'Lecky\' Gayda is surely the one to watch for the future – there\'s a brief update from him back home in Essex at aleksyk412.blogspot.com... Check out the final report on tireewaveclassic.co.uk and britishwavesailingassociation.com and find a few pix at boards.co.uk

So this week we\'ve got the speedsters to entertain us from Weymouth Speed Week – so far there\'s been nothing doing over a still weekend, but we\'re expecting fireworks today and tomorrow judging by the current forecast. More at speedsailing.com ... although we\'re anticipating the best reportage could be courtesy of the prodigious blogger redsurfbus.com

Talking of Weymouth, Tris Best at the OTC has written up a great report on the 2011 Harbour Dash mkII on Sunday 9th October, when Nick Dempsey smashed the record with a 16-minutes 40-second time. Full results also listed in the PDF at otc-windsurf.com

Another Olympic legend, 2004 Gold medallist Nikos Kaklamanis has just completed a somewhat longer \'dash\' as he windsurfed 320 nautical miles from Athens to Crete – with thanks to beachtelegraph.com for spotting it, here\'s his odyssey in all its glory ... we just hope your Greek\'s up to understanding the captions and voiceover!?!

More action? Let\'s head back to Maui for today\'s first wave clip – we mentioned the season was getting started at Ho\'okipa last week, with guys like Kevin Pritchard already on fire. But here\'s the first footage we\'ve seen from the Valley Isle so far: KP\'s brother Matt Pritchard enjoying a sunset wave just up the coast at Sprecklesville last Saturday. More at blog.pritchardwindsurfing.com

And finally, it looks like this week will mark the conclusion of the UK\'s \'endless summer\' of 2011 – so if you can, make the most of the light and warmth before the clocks go back next weekend, if you can\'t, make sure your winter wetsuit\'s ready for action ... or, if you\'re in a position to, get booking those plane tickets! Given half a chance, this season we\'d decamp to South America\'s west coast for some winter warmth and conditions like these – as ably demonstrated by Tato Molina at Pacasmayo, Peru. If only...

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Photo Credit: John Carter