While there was a whole lot of nothing going on yesterday in no wind at Weymouth Speed Week, that won\'t change this week\'s habitual opening story being speedsailing. Because next up on the speed circuit it\'s all eyes on Namibia where the Luderitz Speed Challenge opened for business yesterday (until 17 November) with a brand new ditch dredged that promises windsurfers access to the 50-knot club. See how that works out at luderitz-speed.com

Also starting yesterday was the Danish DM Wave Championships ... which to be honest we can\'t tell you much about quite yet, except to say that the single elimination seemed to go well at Hanstholm judging by this clip from Anders Rasmussen featuring Robert Sand, Lars Petersen and all... Check it out for yourself, and we\'ll endeavour to bring you some results next week!

Next up on the worldwide wave scene it\'s the AWT Maui Makani Classic next week. Naturally, we\'ll be cheering on Britain\'s sole representative Steve Thorp, but what will the weather gods deliver? Unfortunately the runes don\'t read so well so far according to mauisurfreport.blogspot.com – but we have faith that it\'ll come good. And when it does, we\'ll all get a chance to judge some heats ourselves in the novel Classic People’s Choice Special Event as detailed on the organisers\' site at americanwindsurfingtour.com

Of course, the last AWT event was another classic in Baja ... and then, the next big thing to hit the Mexican peninsular was Jem Hall and his posse of technique clinic clients. So today\'s second film comes from Clive \'El Toro\' Boden, one of Jem\'s gems on his August Punta San Carlos extravaganza. Wish you were there? Tell us about it... More from the big bald one, now fresh back from Brandon Bay, at jemhall.com

Onto slalom now, and hot on the heels of yesterday\'s flick from PWA Turkey, here\'s Diabolo Funboard\'s take on Alaçati – and this time we\'re actually onboard in the heats with New Caledonian racer Fred Morin and his legendary Starboard / NeilPryde / Quiksilver team-mate Antoine Albeau...

And finally, fancy some freestyle footage? Here\'s some for you – as spotted by Greek blogger of distinction zakel.ws – Dimitris Maniatis\'s Sliding Ducks 2 features Nikos Athanasiou and Alex Prapas \'styling at Nissakia Surf Club (nissakia.gr) at Loutsa near Athens. Quack-quack!!!

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Photo Credit: Basil Cambanis